Founder & Yoga Instructor

Kari was born and raised in Paris Texas and graduated from North Lamar High School.  Josiah & Kari were married in 2005 and their only child, Watt Jameson Walter Daniel was born in 2018.

Kari’s Classes start with a quick core warm-up & introduction to the month’s Sadhana (yoga’s ethical guidelines).  During the physical practice is pose is connected to the breath.  Modifications are offered through out class to make it a great class for both new and experienced yogis.

Founder & Yoga Instructor



Kari received her 200hr Yoga Teacher training from Gaia Flow in Plano in June 016.  In May of 2017 she traveled to Boulder Colorado to receive her Y4C (Yoga for cancer) certification.  In December 2018 she graduated from her 300hr Teacher training from Gaia Flow.


  • 500 Hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
  • Yoga For Cancer Instructor

Favorite Poses

“Hip Openers and Backbends!  Pigeon and Camel are my faviortes! Both require some vulnerability and leave your hips and heart open afterwards!”